1st International shamanic Film Festival

1st International shamanic Film Festival

Until now, this festival existed within the shamanism Festival which took place in April, awarding 2 films this year.

In collaboration with the Rex cinema Theatre in Sarlat, we are happy to present an independent film festival from September 8th to 10th, 2017 where the films and documentaries will be in the spot light, introduced by their directors who will also propose round tables with the public.

Price of the International shamanic Film Festival of Sarlat

At each screening, the public will receive a ticket on which to write their appreciation mark.
At the end of the Festival, the films obtaining the best marks will receive the International shamanic film Festival price of the film and of the short film.


Friday September 8th 2017
10h30 Round table and press conference  (free antrance)
14h00 Festival presentation
14h30 Shamanic opening Ceremony of the Festival by Manu Tlaloc, Medeicine man of Purepecha, Mexhika and Huichol origin.
15h00 Le rêve du Chamane Book
17h00 J’ai fait trois fois le tour de la terre Book
20h00 Deha Vani, la parole du corps Book
21h00 Les gardiens de la terre Book
Saturday September 9th 2017
10h30 Le livre du ciel Book
14h00 L’instant Magique Book
16h00 La revanche des Chamanes Book
18h00 7 ans avec les chamans sibériens Book
20h00 Böö, les chamans de Mongolie Book
22h00 Quelle est ta couleur? Book
Sunday September 10th 2017
10h30 Regards de Kogis Book
13h30 Et Fiat Lux Book
16h00 Award ceremony, festival closing ceremony by Elima Ngando Dely Mputu, from Congo, and the exceptional presence of Tourbillon, Harp sacred musician of the Bwiti, African equatorial Forest of Gabon.

Download the program in  1st International Shamanic Film festival

Location and Booking

Online Booking (by films only)

Cinéma Rex
18, Avenue Thiers
24200 Sarlat
Tél. : 05 53 31 04 39


Pass + Conference Price
1 screening 10 €
5 screenings 40 €
12 screenings 60 €

Pass booking directly at the REX theatre or by phone +33 5 53 31 04 39

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