Origin of the Festival


Founder of the Circle of Wisdom of the Union of Ancestral Traditions

What is the origin of the Circle of Wisdom ?

Ten years ago, I had a dream which overwhelmed me. It showed me that the time had come to reassemble in French speaking countries a Circle with all those inspired by ancestral traditions. I was showed a circle of women and men gathered which with the same goal were testifying of the ancestral traditions and worked for peace.
I received this dream in Canada during the Maniwaki Gathering. This Native American Gathering regrouped each year the various North American Indigenous Peoples.
It was organized by Elders whose chief was Grand-Father William Commanda. With Grandfather William’s blessing, this Gathering became my inspiration.

Grand-Father William Commanda
Back in France, I contacted some western shamans representing French speaking ancestral traditions. I thank them to have participated to the creation of the Circle which we courageously and with recklessness called “Circle of Wisdom”. We were 12 men and women gathering in the Haut-Jura in February 2007.
The Circle of Wisdom had become a reality.
Afterwards, some left the Circle others joined.
Today, the Circle of Wisdom of the Union of Ancestral Traditions counts shamans, healers, teachers of shamanism, scientists and artists inspired by ancient wisdom.

Why a Festival of Shamanism ?

Inspired by the North American Native Gathering of Maniwaki, I put all my energy, with the friends of the Circle of Wisdom, into bringing a shamanic gathering to life.
It had to be a place of celebration where all Traditions would meet surrounded by our French-speaking Sisters and Brothers.

Time has come now to open our festival even wider, to foreign delegations. Many shamans, healers, teachers of shamanism and artists will represent the five continents.
In addition to ceremonies and workshops, individual healings, concerts will take place every day. A shamanic art exhibit will be presented as well as a film festival about Ancestral Wisdoms.
A concert for peace
dedicated to Grand-Father William will close our meeting, on Sunday afternoon.

What is a Shaman ?

Shamans are middlemen between human beings and the other Worlds. They are always linked to an ancestral culture and only exit because they are recognized within their tradition. Since the dawn of time, they know how to connect with the Spirits. They are the keepers of a Wisdom saved in humankind memory. They are healing Grand-Mothers and Grand-Fathers and are to the service of their community to maintain the balance of the Clan and the Universe.

Patrick Dacquay & Line Sturny

To what is Shamanism of use ?

This is a social, economic, cultural and political project inspired by a spiritual wisdom which finds its roots in the origin of our humanity.
This is why the Festival will testify of all those aspects thanks to the presence of 130 Shamans, healers, teachers of Shamanism and artists ambassadors of their own ancestral tradition.
This extraordinary event will allow the public to feed its intellectual curiosity through teachings, films and exhibits, but also maily through experiencing the shamanic art with healing and ceremonies.
This Festival is a real life experience against a participation of 35 € per day for those choosing the 4 days pass. The public will be able without additional cost to participate to all the proposed activities.
Our shaman friend from Tuva, Vera Sazhina, was saying: “Shamanisme will never die”.
Despite the uncertainties of human history, it is well alive.

I want to warmly thank our partners, Marjolaine and Jacques Durand of SOLEIL LEVANT and Stéphane Rudaz of RECTO VERSEAU. My boundless gratitude goes to the volunteers who work with enthusiasm to the edification of this Festival as well as to the tents builders who work with conviction. All my friendship to Loïc and his staff who install the teepee camp with a beautiful energy. This is in total about 200 Sisters and Brothers in humanity who participate to the realization of this project.

Dear Sisters and Brothers in humanity, I’m left now with looking forward to meet you at our Festival.

Patrick Dacquay
Celtic Deo – Beholder of the Soof-Ta lineage.
Customary chief of the Circle of Wisdom of the Union of Ancestral Traditions.
Member of the international Circle of Wisdom of Mexico.