On site restauration

This year, various foods will be available on site at reasonable prices.

A large restauration tent of 300 m2 with tables and chairs is at your disposal to take your meals comfortably ( for about 300 persons)

Six restaurants-caterers are proposed

On site restauration

This year various possibilities of food at reasonable prices are proposed on the festival site.

A tent of 300 m2 with tables and chairs is available (for about 300 persons)

Six restaurants-caterers are available for you

FESTOYER : “Countryside platters, galettes and soups”

Vegetables soups, countryside platters, galettes and small spelt crêpes, salads
Garden products organic certified,
Soil ploughing and care made by horse plough
Natural beverages

ALCHEMILLE : « The wandering kitchen »

Creative meals mostly organic from local producers.
Vegetarians, vegans, without gluten, without lactose, with wild plants.
Cakes and fruits

KARDAMOM : « Vegetarian Indian Cuisine »

Traditional Indian meals
Beverages, tea and herbtea

ICI ET MAINTENANT : « Raw and living food »

Bonôbon Caterer.
Meals of raw and living food (not warmed over 42°C)
Sprouted seeds, vegetarian, without gluten.
« Nature et Progrès » organic label
Beverages, herbtea


Burger with fries, salmon or pastrami Bagels
Plancha, chicken and lomo
Beverages, coffee and tea


Galettes and crêpes
Beverages, cider, coffee and tea